About Us

     The first worship service of the Rose Hill Baptist Church took place on November 18, 1900 on the second floor of Jacob Carr's store building in downtown Rose Hill.  The Rose Hill United Methodist Church inivited this new Baptist group to use their building on teh third Sunday afternoon until a bulding could be erected.  J.C. Mallard donated the land upon which the church building was completed in 1903.

     In 1939 the Church began investigating the need for a new building and 1944 saw the electing of a bulding committee.  The foundation for the building was started in August 1947 and the cornerstone for our present building was set November 23, 1949.

     From a humble beginning with twenty-five committed worshippers, Rose Hill Baptist Church has made an invaluable contribution to the community as well as the world.  God has truly shown Himself to be faithful.  It continues to be the mission of Rose Hill Baptist to proclaim to all the world the saving grace found in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



1900-1901     J.B. Harrell                                  1944-1953     J.V. Case

1901-1903     A.L. Batts                                    1953-1959     J.M. Motely

1903-1905     W.N. Johnson                            1960-1967     H.R. Williams

1905-1906     J.T. Albritton                              1969-1975     J.W. Allen

1906-1908     J.M. Alderman                           1976-1991     J.D. Kinlaw

1908-1913     J.M. Page                                    1992-1994     A.D. Benton

1913-1917     B.C. Early                                    1995-1997     L.M. Bowling

1917-1921     J.H. Booth                                  1998-2007      G.D. Beck

1921-1927     A.L Brown                                  2007-2008      B. Dempsey

1927-1930     F.L. Israel                                    2008-2013      B.T. Herrmann

1930-1939     J.H. Barnes                                 2015-               M.D. Maragelis

1939-1943     J.L. Jones